Rovers Talk (23/7/16)

Today the Rovers were enjoying their second single club bye of the season, A Grade is going through their third bye and will be sort of enjoying their fourth in Round 18.

With all but the Under 15’s Netball side entrenched in a position to make the finals, fans are getting behind the side as the Rovers are just two competition points off making it in to the Top 5.

Blighty and Strathmerton held serve today as both sides recorded wins to maintain the two point buffer on the Rovers but the Under 15’s must not give up hope at any time as one win above either side will get them in.

For the Rovers teams heading for the finals in both Football and Netball, It is still not for certain which teams will join them for several competitions still have sides outside the five a chance to get in at another team’s expense.

Next week against Tocumwal will be a great challenge for all Rovers sides they are known for having formidable teams and the following week will be against Berrigan and despite their struggles this year, nothing should be taken for granted.

Join us next Thursday as Rovers Talk takes a look at all the sides form leading into Round 17.


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