The 2015 to 2016 difference

Brown Park in 2015 was an alright place, you got to see Ducks and Pelicans, See some Cola cans scattered around and wonder about what was on that small island.

Below are some pictures of what it looked like early last year around the time of the Deni Show.

Then there was a vision to transform it and it seemed a tough ask they had to demolish a lot of trees, change the island, drain the water, remove what was on the floor (cans, bottles, Yabbie nets etc.) and then make a new depth and then fill it back up and make it really nice.

Thanks once again to the efforts of Daniel Clark, we can show you what it looks like today and it’s a big difference.

It looks absolutely spectacular now and there is no doubt that locals and visitors enjoy the sights that are presented and with trees yet to grow to their full height, there is no doubt things will look even better in the future.


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