Pokémon Go stays strong in Deni

Some media outlets have said that Pokémon Go has reached its peak but the game is going strong in Deniliquin with ‘Pokémon Go Deniliquin’ boasting 144 members.

The group is mighty helpful with reports that Dratini was spotted outside Westpac, Ninetails was around the RSL Club, Golem was spotted at Rocket Park and Pikachu is reportedly around the RSL Park and behind The Exchange.

Pokémon Go has changed the world for the better in terms of exercise and social interaction though it remains to be seen how long interest in the game will last once all the buzz dissipates and the serious gamers stick around to complete the game.

Below is an example of the Pokémon that can be caught in Deniliquin and Shepparton, DNS continues to wish all players the best and remind them to please watch where they are walking at all times.



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