What’s THAT?

Deniliquin has had bad luck when it comes to Pizza this year as the town started the year with three Pizza shops and for now only has one open due to fire temporarily taking out Green Pepper whilst Central Pizza & Pasta went down recently leaving Cressy Pizza as the only Pizza shop operational.

But there is something happening on the corner of Cressy Street and Hardinge Street, there’s a shop under wraps and the only thing people can see is a big sign that says two words ‘THAT’s Coming’, that sign is one that is getting the attention of anyone going by because it simply gives nothing away but causes people speculate and wonder what is behind the wrapping.

Could this shop that is kept under wraps be a new pizza shop and could it be the answer to specific Pizza eater prayers?¬†It could also be¬†something else that is being added to the local takeaway palate or it may not even be a takeaway store at all (that’s unlikely).

Regardless of what is going on, something new is cooking on that corner and we like the rest of the town can’t wait to find out what THAT is.



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