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Sports Talk (25/7/20)

July 25 2020

Due to the virus, Rovers Seniors and Reserves teams in Football and Rovers A Grade, B Grade, C Grade and C Reserves are unable to play in competition this year.

But kids are able to and so the Rovers taken on Blighty in Blighty in Round 1 of competition.

This year will forever be known as the season that started in July and without any Adults on the court or field.


Thirds won 12.10 – 82 to 2.5 – 17
Fourths won 19.19 – 133 to 2.5 – 17


Under 17’s won 49 to 30
Under 15’s won 31 to 16
Under 13’s won 53 to 2


It was a clean sweep for the Rovers today, the perfect way to start a season no matter how topsy turvy the world is at the moment.

The Rovers had multiple goal kickers in both of their matches which is always good to see.

Here is how the season is going to look for the Rovers sides in this four team competition.

Round 2 – Jerilderie (Home)
Round 3 – Berrigan (Home)
Round 4 – Blighty  (Home)
Round 5 – Jerilderie (Away)
Round 6 – Berrigan (Away)

We’ll be back next week with a new edition of Sports Talk.


Sports Talk (6/4/17)

April 6 2017

The long wait for Football and Netball action will be over on Saturday for the Rams, Rovers and their fans.


The Rams will be taking on Nathalia down at Nathalia Recreational Reserve, all Netball teams with the exception of C Reserve (Nathalia doesn’t have a C Reserve team) are in action.

The Rovers kick off their season at Memorial Park, C Reserve’s game will be one of interest after Blighty defeated the Rovers in the 2016 Grand Final 34 to 33.

Online listings of games are notorious for listing teams playing at either the wrong times or being on the wrong courts so always be wary of that.


All Rams Football sides are playing at Nathalia Recreational Reserve.

All Rovers Football sides are playing at Memorial Park.


This 2017 season promises to be an interesting one, as always the change of players and coaching staff in the off season makes it interesting to see how all the new lineups work together in Round 1 and beyond.

Sports Talk will be back on Saturday night with all the results from the games.

Rovers Talk (4/8/16)

The final round of the Football and Netball season is coming up this weekend with the Rovers hosting Berrigan down at Memorial Park.

The Rovers and Berrigan last met in Round 9 of the competition.


A Grade have ended their regular season and are now preparing for their Qualifying Final against Blighty on August 13.

B Grade are sitting on top of the ladder with a 13-2 record and are taking on a side that is sitting in eighth position with a 3-12 record.

Last time they met: B Grade won their Round 9 match against Berrigan 41 to 24.

C Grade are sitting in second position on the C Grade ladder with a 12-3 record and they will take on a side that has a similar record but are on top of the ladder due to a higher percentage (136.76 to 127.01).

Last time they met: C Grade lost their Round 9 match against Berrigan 41 to 33.

C Reserve are sitting in second spot on the ladder with a 12-3 record whilst their opposition are currently third on the ladder with a 9-5-1 record.

Last time they met: C Reserve won their Round 9 match against Berrigan 20 to 18.

Under 17‘s are now 14-1 for the season and they are taking on a side that has had a long season with a 0-15 record.

Last time they met: Under 17’s won their Round 9 game against Berrigan.

Under 15‘s are now 7-7-1 for the season whilst Berrigan are sitting in eighth position with a 2-13 record.

Last time they met: Under 15’s won their Round 9 match against Berrigan 10 to 9.

Under 13‘s are on top of the ladder with a 15-0 record and they are taking on a side that is in sixth position with a 6-9 record.

Last time they met: Under 13’s won their Round 9 match against Berrigan 40 to 12.


Rovers Seniors are sitting in fourth position on the ladder with a 10-5 record and they take on a Berrigan side who are currently third on the ladder with a record of 11-4.

Last time they met: Seniors won their Round 9 match against Berrigan 11.4 – 70 to 6.12 – 48.

Rovers Reserves are second on the ladder with a 14-1 record and they take on a fourth placed side that has a 5-10 record.

Last time they met: Reserves won their Round 9 match against Berrigan 9.8 – 62 to 1.3 – 9.

The Thirds are on top of the competition ladder with a 14-0-1 record and are against a side that is in second position on the ladder with a 14-0-1 record.

Last time they met: The Thirds won their Round 9 match against Berrigan 6.5 – 41 to 5.3 – 33.

The Fourths are sitting third on the ladder with a 10-5 record and are against a Berrigan side that is sitting last on the ladder with a 0-15 record.

Last time they met: The Fourths won their Round 8 match against Berrigan 16.13 – 109 to 0.0 -0.


There is a lot to play for this weekend with several Rovers teams able to gain ladder positions with a win and potentially lose spots with a loss.

C Grade can finish on top of the ladder if they defeat Berrigan, Berrigan were the better team in Round 9 but nine rounds is a long time in Netball and the Rovers can turn the tables on them this Saturday.

Another game of interest is the Seniors Football match with a Rovers win giving the team third position and a loss could potentially see them falling down to fifth if Blighty defeats Strathmerton.

The 1986 and 1996 Reserves Premiership winning sides are having their reunion on Friday and some may be seen at the game on Saturday, we wish them a great time over the next couple of days.

The 250 Club draw is at 6pm on Saturday, it’s $100 a ticket and the final day for tickets is today, Ticket holders have a chance to win $5000 and they also get to enjoy nibbles and drinks from 12:30pm right up to the final siren of the Seniors match.

The Goods and Services Auction is on right after the draw and the items on offer are very impressive and we congratulate the community on their generosity to the club.

For details on the 250 Club draw and what the Goods and Services Auction offers, see the Rovers FB page immediately so you don’t miss out.

Rovers Talk will be back on Saturday night with all the results for you to read and hopefully enjoy.