Sports Talk (6/4/17)

April 6 2017

The long wait for Football and Netball action will be over on Saturday for the Rams, Rovers and their fans.


The Rams will be taking on Nathalia down at Nathalia Recreational Reserve, all Netball teams with the exception of C Reserve (Nathalia doesn’t have a C Reserve team) are in action.

The Rovers kick off their season at Memorial Park, C Reserve’s game will be one of interest after Blighty defeated the Rovers in the 2016 Grand Final 34 to 33.

Online listings of games are notorious for listing teams playing at either the wrong times or being on the wrong courts so always be wary of that.


All Rams Football sides are playing at Nathalia Recreational Reserve.

All Rovers Football sides are playing at Memorial Park.


This 2017 season promises to be an interesting one, as always the change of players and coaching staff in the off season makes it interesting to see how all the new lineups work together in Round 1 and beyond.

Sports Talk will be back on Saturday night with all the results from the games.


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