Local Improvements – #2

January 31 2019

Welcome to our second edition of Local Improvements.

Today we are taking a look at Brown Park and the changes it has undergone over the last couple of years.


The above picture from Google Earth shows Brown Park in 2013, as you can see there is plenty of water, grass and trees and no doubt rubbish at the bottom of the lagoon as well.


In 2015, work got underway to remake the park, DNS got a good view of the work that was going on as our home away from home for three days a week was K Block at Deniliquin TAFE.


As the water was drained away, cans were exposed and even one of those Opera House yabbie nets was pulled out of the water, the picture above is one example of the rubbish in the water.


The third picture is from last year (2018), there is now a footpath on one side, the water is now right around the island as well.

Thank you for reading this edition of ‘Local Improvements’ and we hope to see you next time as we take a look at the area that used to be the railway platforms.


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