Local Improvements – #1

January 26 2019

Sometimes it seems that Deniliquin doesn’t change much but thanks to programs like Google Earth, you can see that Deniliquin has changed.

Today we’re going to look on the banks of the Edward River.

The above picture was taken on December 15 2005, there is no river walk along the river, no ute turned into artwork and it is pretty bare on the corner.

The odd thing about Google Earth is that the 2005 image and January 26 2012 image option are exactly the same on the south side of town but the image is different in the north.

The next image is from the 22nd of February 2012 and on the right hand side you can see part of the river walk all ready to go, the Ute is now seen but you see nothing further along the riverbank.

By October 20 2013, you can see the walkway run for at least 211m along the river and unlike the previous two images, the car park that is behind the Deniliquin Baptist Church hardly has a car in it.

We hope you have enjoyed this look into some of the improvements Deniliquin has had through this decade.


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