Storm hits Deniliquin

February 6 2019

It was a hot, quiet day in Deniliquin with temperatures sticking around 36 degrees at its peak.

As the afternoon went on, a weather pattern started to appear in the west and it started to move slowly across towards town, at first it seemed the pattern was hesitant to reach town before steadying its course towards town.

Also approaching town was a dust storm and there was a fire in the distance that received attention.

At 5:40pm it was 34.9 degrees with a wind speed of 13km/h and gusts at 19km/h and by 5:42pm it was 30.8 degrees with a wind speed of 30km/h and guests of 67km/h.

By the top of the hour, it was 22.1 degrees in town with a wind speed of 56km/h and wind gusts of 74km/h and rain was starting to be recorded at the airport.

As you can see by the photos taken by Deni Tree Service, several trees either lost branches or were completely uprooted, fences were knocked down and at least one house sustained damage.

Efforts to clean up damage started almost immediately after the high winds settled down to a more acceptable speed.

A lightning storm around 7pm resulted in a couple of lightning bolts landing in town with the lightning taking interest in striking the area around the corner of the Cobb Highway and Wandook Rd.

Power was lost on Barham Rd and near the corner of the Cobb Highway and Wandook Rd.

8:50pm delivered the good news that Deniliquin doubled its 2019 rainfall total in the one day and there is a good chance today’s rain has helped match or surpass the rainfall total of this time last year.

At this time of writing, it is 10:40pm and the daily rainfall total is up to 16.2mm, there are forecasts of additional rain on Thursday and Friday followed by a couple of days between 25 and 31 degrees.


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