Edward River placed on Red Level Alert

March 6 2018

Blue-Green Algae has returned to the Edward River with a Red level alert being issued by WaterNSW.

It is advised that the Edward should not be used for potable water supply (without prior treatment) as well as stock watering and for recreational uses (swimming, water skiing etc).

According to WaterNSW, the red level alert is issued once the following happens;

“A red level alert is in place when >50,000 cells of Microcystis aeruginosa are present or a biovolume of all toxin producing cyanobacteria exceeds 4mm3/L

A red alert level is also triggered if the total of all blue-green algae (toxic and non-toxic) exceeds 10 mm3/L or scums are present for long periods”

According to the map, the Edward River has a cyanobacteria count of 10.74 mm3/L, we will continue to check the map regularly for updates.


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