PDFNL and AFL Victoria split

March 7 2018

The PDFNL and AFL Victoria has gone their separate ways after failing to come to an agreement on terms.

AFL Victoria has been fighting with up to seven leagues as they are demanding that each league falls under AFL jurisdiction.

The PDFNL would of been overseen by AFL Goulburn Murray but the PDFNL fears that agreeing to the terms given to them means that AFL Victoria may be able to do what they like, the league would have its hands tied, the affiliation is too open ended and there were issues over financial transparency and privacy.

Leagues can also not make changes to their constitution, bylaws or rules without consent from the commission.

The PDFNL is confident that it can stand alone as it does have insurance and they have found a group to keep stats and other important factors rolling.

It is unknown at this time what clubs will do as it is reported that AFL Goulburn Murray is offering clubs the opportunity to become part of a new league.

A number of fans see AFL Victoria’s demands as overreach by the AFL and they support local leagues fighting for their rights to do things their way as it has been for decades if not over a century.


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