Deniliquin making a recycling impact

March 5 2018

Yesterday was ‘Clean Up Australia Day’, it is a day that sneaks up on people as it seems that reports of the day get shorter and shorter by the year around the country.

Hundreds of items of rubbish were collected by volunteers, ensuring that the town is tidier than it was before and many thanks should go out to all those volunteers who went out on their Sunday to bring in the rubbish.

There is a change happening in town, people are thinking more about where their rubbish goes and are now working to put it in the right places.

Think about this, if the one ‘Return and Earn’ machine was filled every day in December 15,500 bottles were recycled by the town.

Now there are three machines and if those machines are filled each day that means 46,500 bottles would be recycled in the month of March and any month that has 30 days, 45,000.

December – 15,500
January – 15,500
February – 14,000 (may be higher due to expansion mid month)
March – 46,500
April – 45,000
May – 46,500
June – 45,000
July – 46,500
August – 46,500
September – 45,000
October – 46,500
November – 45,000

15,500 x 2 = 31,000
14,000 x 1 – 14,000
45,000 x 4 = 180,000
46,500 x 5 = 227,500

After twelve full months, Deniliquin has the potential to have recycled 457,500 bottles and at 10 cents a bottle that is a total around $45,750 back in the pockets of locals to spend any way they choose.

457,500 less bottles and cans in landfill and in the Edward River or our parks or Waring Gardens and more.

That is something to be proud of.


1 thought on “Deniliquin making a recycling impact

  1. I am all for recycling .
    Most have a problem with too much collection and not enough end use.
    In Beechworth they have started recycling of scraps from peoples kitchens.. turning it in to compost and selling back to public at a minimal fee for gardens.
    A small bio-degradable bag is given to householders to collect kitchen waste. Placed in a council bin and collected once week on rubbish day.
    It was receive with mixed and sceptical results at first. Cost of the collection bins from one person householders a thorn of contention.
    Over all its a profitable and constant return to the town and a hugh win for the environment.


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