Australia Day Playlist 2018

January 26 2018

Today is Australia Day and readers are taking in events like BBQ’s, Ceremonies, Protests, Drinking, Eating and doing nothing.

But there is no doubt that many readers will be listening to music at some stage of today, below is some music videos that you may enjoy.

So here are some tracks out of the millions made by Australians, it would of been bad to not include ‘Eagle Rock’ and ‘Friday On My Mind’ usually voted #1 and #2 (or in reverse) when it comes to the greatest tracks in Australian music.

Then you got the likes of John Farnham, Skyhooks, Icehouse then Goanna and Yothu Yindi and Silverchair and Taxiride plus add in some Pseudo Echo, 1927 and the Wiggles.

Of course we had to have Johnny O’Keefe at his best, live in the early 60’s singing ‘Shout’ with the energy that brought rock music to Australia in the 1950’s.

Most of the songs below made it onto ‘Australia’s Ultimate Songs’ that was aired by Channel Seven on January 1 2000, a great night that was where they oddly played the Top 10 first then went from to 100 to 11 probably so people didn’t have to wait until 6am to find out the outcome.

Enjoy your day readers.


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