Storm aftermath

January 27 2018

Thursday’s storm surprised locals especially after the Globe suffered total damage to its roof and its famous veranda.

Cressy Street was blocked off as the flying roof landed on the street, damaging several cars.

The street was cleared early on Australia Day and plans for the restoration of the Globe are underway with fencing already up to cut the area off so the experts can do their thing.

Deniliquin History in Photos was on the scene taking pictures and one shot does show the Hotel without its roof.

It is not the first time a storm has damaged the Hotel, A wild storm in 1948 damaged the Globe with the upstairs lounge soaked and the bar had several inches of water in it, the Primrose Cafe was also hit with the ceiling of the kitchen collapsing, a brief fire started and it also flooded.

The Primrose is now Deniliquin Florist and it escaped damage from the store with everything looking and running like it did at closing time Thursday afternoon.


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