Storm damages Globe

January 25 2018

Deniliquin was hit by a storm late this afternoon resulting damage to the roof of the Globe Hotel, A drone was reported downed by the winds, Trees have fallen, at least one trampoline was sent tumbling over and there is also fence damage to several properties.

The storm was spotted between Swan Hill and Deniliquin early that afternoon and it slowly made its way across Southern NSW before it was appearing to be turning away from town before it spread north and hit the town.

At 6:30pm it was 35.7 degrees and by 6:40pm it was 27.4 degrees as winds jumped from 11km/h to 61km/h during nine minutes of that time span with the wind gusts peaking at 80km/h at least at the airport.

The Globe Hotel took the most damage with part of its roof landing in the middle of the street in front of it, the veranda also taken heavy damage with sections of it now drooping close to the footpath.

Pictures and details have been posted in various groups reporting of damage including at least one tree, a trampoline, a section of fence and more.

storm dc.jpg

The above picture was taken by Daniel Clark shows a tree that has been uprooted by the storm.

0.8mm of rain fell at a time when the BoM reported an hour earlier that the chances of rain for the rest of the day was 20% and winds were expected to be 20km/h.


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