Coach House is back on the web

January 24 2018

The Coach House is back on the internet after some time offline.

Visitors to will see a nice picture of the Hotel/Motel followed by a video, some nice images of the Waring Gardens and surrounding areas, a list of available services and at the bottom the all important contact information.

Clicking on ‘Rooms and Rates’ will give you all the facts such as when you can check in from and when to check out by, list of facilities, general details and room service and dining options.

Hover the mouse over ‘Rooms and Rates’ to get options such as ‘Rooms’ and ‘Policies’ and going to ‘Menu’ shows you what is on offer during the month with one example being Salmon Mango Salad for $28.

Overall the website looks really good, it is nice and clear and users should have no trouble finding out what they need to find out.


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