How the weather stands so far

January 17 2018

Just over halfway through the first month of 2018 and the while we’ve had some really hot days, there is currently little difference between the monthly average and how current average stands.

The long term January average has been 33.1 degrees, the current average is 33.4 degrees though this is expected to rise thanks to the next couple of days falling between 39 and 43 degrees.

On the rainfall front, the local area is currently 3mm down on rain from this time last year, we’ve had 6.4mm of rain so far this month whilst this time last year we had 9.4mm which is still a pretty poor total when we need more to keep water supplies up and pastures and crops healthy.

Deniliquin’s long term rainfall average for January is 23.8mm of rain so we got a fair bit to go before catching up and little or no rain is expected at least until the 23rd.

We’ll keep readers informed on the totals as it comes to hand.


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