Deniliquin Quiz Game 2 launched

January 13 2018

Readers may recall some time ago that we made a quiz game and it done reasonably alright.

We are pleased to tell readers that The Deniliquin Quiz II game has been launched for testing.

This free game is a replacement of the original game that was sadly lost due to hard drive failures that killed both the primary and backup hard drives.

Players can download the game .exe file from here and install it onto their computers, there are 22 questions and each question can be answered by pressing 1, 2, 3 or 4.

Questions are varied with questions of Hotels, Railways, Football, KFC and more.

The game also comes with an uninstall option as well for those who wish to delete it after a play.

The game will be improved over time as there are a few things needed to be straightened out such as finding a suitable opening picture but hopefully the game as it stands will give some people at least five minutes of enjoyment.

Let us know how you go in the game.


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