End of an Era

October 20 2017

As most people now know, Burchfields will be no more at the end of the year.

The changing car industry has claimed another victim despite the best efforts of owners to keep the business open.

There is a feeling of sadness around Australia as the last week has seen the shutdown of the Australian car industry and now past and present employees and their customers are saddened by the beginning of the end of a business that has seen it all  from horses to V8’s when it comes to road transport.

People power via a petition on change.org has been considered to try get Holden to reverse course on their decision but it is considered that nothing can change their mind.

In April 2018, an auction will be held selling items from the premises that have been open for over 130 years, locals will be hoping to buy what they can to at least keep some of the history home.

This is a sad time.


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