Poll Time (17/10/17)

October 17 2017

We have four new questions for our readers to consider over the next fortnight.

Questions Asked

1. Should Coles Deniliquin have Online Ordering?
2. Will the close Murray By-Election benefit Deniliquin?
3. Should the Community Centre be resurrected?
4. Do you support Working Bees?

Online ordering is something locals want after many Supermarkets around the nation offer the service of picking your shopping online, some people do feel that online ordering may cost jobs.

With the Nationals losing around 19% of their election margin to the SFF in the Murray By-Election, the seat of Murray has moved from safe seat to marginal seat and could change hands in 2019 if the Nationals don’t lift their game.

The change usually means the Government will be very interested to give the area what it wants to ensure it stays in their hands but some are skeptical the Government cares what happens outside of Sydney.

The Community Centre is sitting in End Street, filled with materials and broken glass and it has broken the hearts of many locals who go on by and see the fall of a building that once was the RSL Club and then the place of joy for many of Deniliquin’s youth.

People would love to see the Community Centre resurrected or at least have something important in that building.

Working Bees, they are becoming important to the town and we like to know how many people like being part of them as the town has been doing several this year and will be doing more in the future.

Polls will remain open until Tuesday October 31.


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