The Coronation Medals

In 1937, The then British Empire had a new King, King George VI.

As part of the celebrations, 1000 medals were distributed at Deniliquin as you can see in the newspaper clip from the Deniliquin Independent (former Deniliquin newspaper).

The Independent also reported that Mayor J.E McFaull also received a medal along with mayors from nearby shires.

Coronation medal.png


Recently a medal became available on eBay and is now back in local hands and it is from either one of the two events.

The medal is smaller than a twenty cent piece making it seemingly too small for a mayor yet it would seem too small for a kid.

It is entirely possible the kids medals were made specifically for the Deniliquin area making this one of them.

If anyone has the exact same medal, please let us know.

Regardless of where it is a mayor medal or children’s medal, It is still a great look at history especially when in that newspaper link you can see details of the movies that were playing at both the Regent Theatre and the Lyceum Theatre (click on highlighted link).



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