Poll Time (14/6/17)

We have four new poll questions covering a range of topics, we apologise for the delay in polling as coming up with questions was harder than expected.

Our four questions are the following;

1. Does Deniliquin need an EB Games like store?
2. Have we lost too much of our local history?
3. Are you happy with the Ute Muster’s music bill?
4. What is your favourite decade of music?

We ask the question of an EB Games store as many local gamers are going to Echuca to get the latest games and local supplies are dwindling, we have said EB Games like store because somebody might create their own unique store and we’ve added an option to tell local businesses to bulk up their stock of games.

After watching what Deniliquin History in Photos has shown the people over the last year, we’ve become aware that so much history has gone from Deniliquin and much of what has been lost was rarely documented and we’re wondering if people agree.

The music bill for the Ute Muster was recently announced, some are happy with it, some are not happy with it, some will pay attention to other things at the Muster and some just shrug because they don’t go to the Muster so it doesn’t bother them.

The last question asks what is your favourite decade of music, is it the 1950’s where Rock n Roll music came alive, the 1960’s that had so much, the 1970’s where music tastes changed often, the 1980’s that gets rated better by the year, the good old 1990’s that swung from rock to grunge to pop, the pop covered decade that was the 2000’s or this current decade or perhaps you love them all.

Thank you for your patience in waiting for new poll questions, we’ll be back with new questions on June 28.


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