Poll Time (2/5/17)

Our question on what one service would a person want brought to Deniliquin was an unexpected success and so we have chosen four of the most talked about points and are putting them to vote to see just how interested the people are.

The four questions up for polling are the following;

1. Would you use a Deniliquin to Echuca train service?
2. Should Deniliquin have an Indoor Play Centre?
3. Would you use an hourly Deni to Echuca bus service?
4. How do you rate the local roads?

The poll questions can be found on the right hand side for computer users and on the bottom for those who use phones or tablets.

Readers can check up on results every morning for the first week in our morning news report on FB.

Polls close on May 14 and we will have the results listed in the new edition of Deni Speaks on that same day.


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