What does Deni Want?

We asked readers on our Facebook page what one service would they want to come to town and we got lots of answers.

We ask this sort of question every six or so month but we are starting to notice the list is getting longer with a variety of needs such as;

Hourly Bus service to Echuca (with a stop at Mathoura)
Hungry Jacks
Train Service
Heated Pool
Indoor Play Centre
Smooth Roads
Skid Pad
Anti Litter Signs
Kangaroo Culling
Duck Culling
Retirement Home
Dog Park
Natural Gas
Drug Rehab Centre

The Train Service has always been a popular option as locals want to be connected to Echuca and from there the rest of Victoria and it would come in handy for things like the Ute Muster where people could take a train to Deni and get bused to the Muster site.

An hourly Bus service to Echuca is another popular option and with a stop in Mathoura it is believed it would be a win for all three towns.

A Pool just like the one in Echuca is another option as Deniliquin is deprived of year round swimming and the therapy pool is not big enough to accommodate swimming activities.

Smooth roads is a popular choice among locals, we guess that can be put in the hard working council category.

Indoor Play Centre would be a winner especially in days that are either too hot, too cold or too wet and are not suitable for children to play in.

Hungry Jacks and KFC are again on the minds of locals, Hungry Jacks has been gaining popularity in the last couple of years.

Skid Pad would keep those who want to be Mario Andretti off the roads and doing their thing in a safe place, another idea would be to pave the dirt track and make it a mini race track.

Youth Group/Centre, possibly the second biggest long term desire the town has and the Community Centre is still sitting there.

Recycling is one that has been a popular suggestion and is well backed by our recent polls, there is recycling at the tip but people want a service that is picked up like regular rubbish.

Anti Litter signs to try prevent the litter dropping that is happening throughout town.

Large rest area with toilets, showers, town map and general information for visitors.

Kmart since the nearest is in Shepparton it would be beneficial to the town to have one though some businesses may not like it though on the other hand we do have Target and the world is still turning.

Kangaroo culling is also suggested in a bid to keep the population at safe levels to prevent farm and road traffic damage, Ducks are also on the list.

We even got the suggestion of a Brothel, we’ll leave that up to the readers imaginations of what that would do for the town.

Many more suggestions were offered and all of them would serve the town greatly in one way or another.

Most if not all suggestions are not unreasonable and should be attainable if pitched right to the powers that be and let us hope they are reading this piece and start making political savvy moves to get the wheels turning on these ideas.


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