Deni Speaks (1/5/17)

May 1 2017

In this edition of Deni Speaks, we posted three questions on our website for readers to answer and we can now discuss the outcome of the voting.

Questions asked

1. What are your thoughts on current council rates?
2. Is late night Dog barking becoming excessive?
3. Should Deniliquin have an Easter Parade in 2018?


100% of voters said that council rates are too high with nobody believing that the rates are just right or that the ERC has locals paying a generous amount.

69% of voters believe that Dog barking late at night is becoming excessive.

94% of voters said that they want an Easter Parade in Deniliquin in 2018.


Those who are looking to get into the ERC might want to campaign to lower or freeze rates when elected based on the results above.

The Dog barking issue was no doubt a difficult one as the desire of peace and quiet is tempered by the desire for security and dogs are excellent at providing security (most of the time).

An Easter Parade would be an excellent addition to Deni Fest, a balancing act may be required to ensure people can freely get to the events in the Waring Gardens but it can be done.

A new series of Polls are currently being thought of and we’ll be back with a new edition of Deni Speaks two weeks after polls commence.


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