Pauline comes to town

May 3 2017

Pauline Hanson has visited Deniliquin as part of a tour through NSW and Victoria in a bid to understand what locals need when it comes to the MDBP and learn about the proposed air freight hub and more.

The tour is a chance for the Senator and her party to show that One Nation has more policy and ideas other than the well known one of keeping Muslims and the religion of Islam out of Australia.

Senator Hanson and fellow party members are part of the crossbench that determines whether bills made by the Turnbull Government are either passed or knocked back giving them major leverage in political decisions as the Government needs co-operation from the crossbench in major issues like the Budget.

News of Pauline’s stay in Deniliquin has been mixed with locals either interested, totally disinterested or not really happy that she is among the people due to her personal thoughts and policies.

Time will tell whether the tour has been of any political value to the local area or not.


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