New shop revealed

For the last week, DNS readers have been wondering what the big purple sign ‘That’s Coming’ meant on the wrapped up shop on the corner of Cressy and Hardinge Streets.

Now that the wrapping has been taken down, new signs have been put up and the moment that has been promised as coming has now arrived and the name of the new business is ‘That Pizza’.

With ‘That Pizza’ coming on the scene, Deniliquin will have two pizza shops open once again giving people an option when it comes to their pizza.

The business name is a really creative name and it is a name that has positivity because everyone wants a business or an object that is considered ‘That (insert name or object here)’ like some of the examples below

‘That Red Dress’
‘That Ford Mustang’
‘That Restaurant’
‘That Electronics store’

Nick Dawson who is the creator and owner of “That Pizza” is a local to Deniliquin man and has many years of experience in the pizza business in a career that began in his early high school years working with his family down at Green Pepper Pizza.

Joining Nick at ‘That Pizza’ is his cousin Paul and the two aim to be showcasing their tradition/passion to bring back “That Pizza” that the residents of Deniliquin have been waiting for.

With a focus on a gourmet selection Nick has stated that this is just the beginning of an exciting new venture as he plans to bring a flavour to please a variety palates.

For more information on ‘That Pizza’ visit their website at and see their phone number, trading hours and their extensive menu.

They also have a Facebook page for readers to like and visit at anytime.

We wish ‘That Pizza’ good fortune for the future and may Pizza lovers of Deniliquin once again get to eat the finest pizzas for a long time to come.

That Pizza.png


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