DNS tries out ‘That Pizza’

As written about earlier today, That Pizza is now open for business and so DNS taken the opportunity tonight to go out, buy and then eat one of the Pizzas from the menu.

Our man of many talents Daniel Clark stepped up to the plate to test out how well they can make a BBQ Meatlovers Pizza.

It wasn’t long before the verdict was in, the BBQ Meatlovers Pizza from That Pizza was judged to taste ‘F**king Amazing’.


The only critique that we can offer is that the box was flimsy and the Pizza was missing the Pizza Saver (the white table you see on a Pizza) and so some of the topping ended up on the top of box but overall the experience was everything our Pizza guru hoped for.

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen, DNS tried and enjoyed the pizza from That Pizza and if you want to buy and try some too, visit their website to take a look at their menu then give them a call on 5881 8480 or go on down to 396 Cressy Street to place your order.

May you the reader encounter an enjoyable experience when you order a Pizza in the future.


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