DNS celebrates 20,000 hits

DNS recorded it’s 20,000th site hit late Tuesday night and the achievement was met with a mixture of emotions.

There’s delight, amazement, jubilation, hunger for more, tiredness and many more emotions that go with 20,000 site hits which as many would know wasn’t on the cards for a long time.

The milestone is all thanks to the readers as they decide day after day to read what this humble news blog and Facebook page post every day.

Keeping the public news fed is no easy task but it is done by doing lots of things that end in ‘ing’ for example listening, reading, thinking, writing and hoping.

DNS’s future goal is to continue to report on the good, the sometimes bad and pushing for a brighter future for the town.

One aim is to go back to our origins a little bit and promote time to time environmental change by wheeling out once again our petition for our streets, parks and waterways to be cleaner and then figure out ways to turn the rubbish into something useful.

The petition didn’t get far in 2015 but we didn’t have our Facebook page and we sure didn’t have thousands of visitors to this blog either but hopefully it will work out better this time.

Also on the list is doing something like investigating what has to be done for the community to get a community centre back for our youth with the aim of giving our youth a 7 day a week option which could lead to people wanting to stick around after High School is done.

We also want to find out what people want, find out what planning ideas work and don’t work to get what is wanted and then support the people as it flies off into the public domain.

Also do stories on garden food growing and themes that go along with the subject.

The possibilities are endless, some stories will work and others will fail like Windows Vista  did in the publics mind but trying and learning from the results is the aim of all things.

So thank you for allowing us to have 20,000 site hits, we appreciate every single second of your time and hope to make the best of your time well into the future.



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