The great actions of residents

As the waters rise, so are the amount of great acts by people around us as we are put to the test by mother nature.

People are out filling sandbags day and night to protect businesses and property from floodwaters.

Businesses are delivering food to those who are busy filling in sandbags, those acts are always well received.

We’ve seen offers of homes and land to those who either don’t have a place to stay or need their animals moved to safer locations.

Council workers are out and about doing what is needed to be done from helping with sandbags to placing road closed signs at places where it is unsafe for cars to travel through.

People are passing along information online to make sure everybody is properly informed on the latest situations from river height to where volunteers are needed for sandbagging operations and more.

We’ve even read stories of people traveling to Deniliquin to assist friends and relatives with protecting their homes and businesses and more.

The floods are not over yet as the Edward is up to 8.24m and it is currently expected to get to around 8.60m by around the 15th (around is the offical terms used) before it recedes slowly to hopefully the rivers natural height.

After the floodwaters recede, people will be out again fixing damaged property, clearing roads, removing sandbags, removing the remains of animals that did not make it through the flooding and more and may those people be thanked again for their work.

We hope that the great acts are not spoiled by acts of the opposite kind for while many take the time to give during natural disasters of any scale, a few do take the time to take from those who are out doing good deeds.

DNS will continue to report on events as they continue to unfold.


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