The British Perspective

Whilst on the hunt for information about the latest flooding situation, DNS decided to type in Deniliquin and see what comes up.

Our attention was drawn to a Daily Mail article on the Ute Muster and lets just say whilst the story is very¬†informative, the pictures really show the party side of the Ute Muster and there’s the chance some people in the photos and film may experience possible embarrassment (or temporary fame).

So we went on the internet and remembered Deniliquin History In Photos mentioning the BBC and so we dug up what they wrote and there is two articles with two different headings.

Deni Ute Muster: Australia’s ‘Friendliest Festival’
Deni Ute Muster: Australia’s wackiest country festival

The wackiest country festival story is the detailed one as it does get into detail that only the BBC possibly could get into and the friendliest video just has a video, little wording and probably was a template¬†for the ‘wackiest country festival’ story.

So there we have it readers, two different perspectives from two different sides of British media waiting for you to read, view and digest.

PS – Twitter also found another Ute Muster headline but lets just say what was found would see us labelled with a dirty phrase or two because while the Muster was the headline the story was suspected to be entirely something else starting with P (headline picture tells a thousand words).


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