Fallen tree causes chaos

Travel between Deniliquin and Echuca was cut off for several hours yesterday as a tree fell across the bridge that connects Echuca to Moama.

Thankfully plans are being worked on to build a second bridge which will ease congestion and not paralyse traffic on the border should an accident or a freak of nature occurs.

Readers can check out the latest report from VicRoads here¬†and it looks like it is good news for everyone if they decide to carry it out after all it taken Queensland several decades to build a promised train route for it’s residents.

Yesterdays events have made us wonder what would happen if something happens to Deniliquin’s bridge? We would have chaos as one half of the town has no access to the other.

If there was a second bridge, where would it go? Can’t put it next to the current bridge because places like Peppin Heritage Centre, Edward River Oval and The Buncha are too close and there isn’t a whole lot of space for hundreds of metres if not kilometres.

One additional problem is that the levee system may have to be partially dismantled and redesigned to accomodate a bridge too.

Lots of food for thought readers, what are your thoughts?


1 thought on “Fallen tree causes chaos

  1. On bridge …..been talked about for 30 years , only one large truck has overturned at the end near pub, that I can remember causing cauose… I guess until it is block by a truck accident and a life is lost in North Deni because of it , nothing will be done.


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