Light the Night this Friday night

The Leukaemia Foundation’s ‘Light The Night 2016’ event is happening at the Waring Gardens on October 7.

It’s a lantern walk around the Waring Gardens from 5:30pm to 8pm and the weather should be beautiful for such an important day.

Lanterns and nice treats will be sold at the Kiosk outside the NAB bank while at the Gardens the Uke Group will be in action as well as Jenna’s Dance Group and there will be the Jumping Castle, Photo Booths and more there too.

Donations can be made by visiting the Deniliquin website for the walk and donate by either clicking on ‘Donate Now’ or click on one of the names of the walkers participating on this special night and then click ‘Donate’.

There are a range of payment options including PayPal which will no doubt attract many people especially those who use PayPal for eBay etc and want stress free donating.

There are currently 16 locals walking (use link above to join as a money raising walker) and they have passed their $1000 goal and there is still plenty of time to push towards $2000 and even further.

Further information can be found on the Facebook Event and the website link above.




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