Moderate flooding this time?

The Edward is currently going down but it is expected to change its trend and start going back up to a height of 8.50m around October 17 (moderate flooding level starts at 7.20m).

Residents are thinking a mixture of thoughts as there is so much uncertainty due to the fact October 17 is 11 days away and nothing is a certainty for levels could turn out to be higher or lower when the rises finally arrive.

As it stands right now, The Edward will have to gain 2.09m in 11 days which means around 20cm gains per day if the trend stops right now and starts right now.

Damien Rhook at Deniliquin History in Photos has been watching events unfold closely and has told the 4,000+ likers on the page what will happen if the 8.5m prediction is reached and we have the potential situations for you below.

At 7.16m the Edward River Oval will be flooded
At 7.32m outside the levee of the Riverside Caravan Park will be inundated
At 7.91m water crosses Chippenham Park Road
At 7.94m Memorial Drive will be inundated
At 8.50m McLean Beach Holiday Park levee is overtopped

It has been reported that the 8.5m figure given in a 2014 report for McLean Beach Holiday Park is actually closer to a figure between 8m and 8.2m, we do know for a fact that the entrance road to the park will be closed as soon as it reaches 8m.

Those residing at the park are urged to do the following protect their property and selves from any risk

– Make sure that removable items are taken from your site
– Vans are temporarily moved from the park
– Edward River Council has higher ground that your vans can be stored at.

The parks FB page should be checked regularly for updates and important information such as height levels and any evacuation plans.

Outside of Deniliquin the following is expected between now and the end of October;

Corowa – Moderate Flooding (tonight)
Yarrawonga – Major Flooding (Tomorrow)
Tocumwal – Major Flooding (Sunday)
Stevens Weir – Moderate Flooding (October 18)
Moulamein – Moderate Flooding (End of October)

The following are preliminary forecasts

Echuca – Moama – Minor Flooding (October 16)
Torrumbarry Weir – Moderate Flooding (October 19)
Barham – Moderate Flooding (October 22)
Wakool Junction – Minor to Moderate Flooding (Up to November)

We will continue to report on the situations as news comes to hand.


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