Edward River peaks at 7.06m (Sept 30)

The Edward River peaked on Saturday afternoon with a height of 7.06m and it is currently sitting on 6.97m.

The peak was 14cm short of what is classified as moderate flooding which would of certainly left a big dint in accomodation options for those who came to down for the Ute Muster as the grounds were in the path of the rising waters.

Deniliquin will be still in minor flooding for some time as 4.6m is the height of minor flooding and the river is receding a centimetre around every three hours.

Rain is still on the cards for the future but the town has recently been lucky with at least two 10-20mm predictions of rain not coming to fruition and there is good news as we’ll be experiencing consecutive days in the 20’s real soon.

Attention will no doubt turn towards seeing if any major river flows come our way and also seeing what melting snow does to the river system but everyone is hopeful that the melting snow and the flows from the Hume Dam and the Kiewa and Ovens rivers will not cause major problems.

We will keep you posted on the receding water levels and will inform readers if the river goes back up at any time.


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