The month that was September

September was an interesting month for Deniliquin as it really had it all from BBQ’s to rising waters.

Bendigo Bank held a BBQ fundraiser to raise money for Camp Quality and it done well which is always a good thing for such a great cause.

The Rovers put ten sides into finals and were rewarded with a Premiership winning side, several Grand Finalists and other finals honours in a great year for everyone down at Memorial Park.

The September 1998 rainfall record was smashed as over 100mm was recorded for the month.

The Edward River was supposed to reach one height then the figures were upgraded and upgraded again until the river reached seven metres high.

Residents watched as the Beach became part the river, paths became submerged and water threatened to empty Caravan Parks before it slowed down and tourists got to camp in comfort for the Muster and without any danger.

Muster staff and Volunteers battled the elements as they sought to dry the Muster site before the crowds arrived, it was all in vain as Mother Nature decided to mess it all up again but the weather opened up opportunities to have some fun in the mud whilst Gumboot sales went up too.

Keith Urban came into town for his highly anticipated performance at the Muster and he put on a show that delighted the Muster goers who stood in the wind, rain and mud to experience all the action.

DNS opened a Twitter account and got to make a music playlist based on the word ‘Rain‘ followed by one on ‘Mud‘ which was really fun as we sought a way to bring some joy to soggy conditions.

Collisions at Deniliquin Plaza continued to happen with each hit seemingly worse than the one reported before and now residents are asking for more cameras to be installed at the Plaza to stop people getting away with accidents.

Rubbish dumping continued with most of the rubbish dumped found in sight of a bin, It is a problem that has frustrated residents for quite some time with solutions continuously sought.

Deniliquin was enjoying the benefits of having the fruit shop before it came to a sudden end though residents are grateful that the owners gave the business a shot because what was purchased was well received.

As we wrap this run through of September, we leave you all with perhaps one of the greatest September moments in Television history and may this October be one to remember for all the right reasons.


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