The Ute Muster has arrived

The Ute Muster is finally here and thousands of people from all over Australia have arrived or are arriving in town for the event.

Early arrivals since yesterday have been discovering that the grounds are a muddy contraption with many vehicles needing to be towed out of a boggy situation.

Volunteers have been working overtime to ensure that everyone is settled in as quickly as possible and visitors have been very complimentary of their efforts in the wind and the rain.

There is some good news for Muster goers, The rains weren’t as severe as they were expected to be so things aren’t as bad as they could of been and the sun is reportedly going to shine on Saturday.

The bad news is people are going to be stuck with the wind for at least the next week so it will be a muddy, windy Ute Muster but we really don’t think anyone minds unless you are camping in a tent then they’ll be minding quite a bit.

In honour of the Ute Muster and current conditions, we offer the following bunch of songs with words like Ute, Mud, Bog and Mudding in the title.

Some are well known, others are obscure but we hope there is some enjoyment from what is on offer.

Brad Paisley – Mud on the Tires
The Lacs – Kicking’ Up Mud
The Road Hammers – Mud
Granger Smith – Miles and Mud Tires
Matt Steel – Mud Bog
Maggie Baugh – Midnight Muddin
Lee Kernaghan – Ute Me
Lee Kernaghan – She’s My Ute
Jayne Denham – Chick Ute
Trace Adkins – Muddy Water
Rick Charlette – I Love┬áMud
Kolby Oakley – Mud Bog

While this last song is using the American term for utes, This song seems very appropriate it’s called ‘Truck Got Stuck’ by Corb Lund and as mentioned earlier lots of vehicles are suffering this exact fate.


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