Here we go again

It was looking so good this morning, The Edward was going down and this morning there was no warnings that it was going to rise again though we always knew there was a possibility down the line.

Then at lunch came a new warning from BOM, The Edward is expected to rise again soon and current predictions say it’s heading for moderate flooding.

The Hume Dam is currently releasing 79,472ML of water per day which is thanks to our readers knowledge equals 12 gates being opened at the Dam, so that 79,472ML is flowing downstream and eventually ends up on our doorstep.

Right now it’s at 6.94m so that means the river is expected to rise 56cm in the next 11 days, this new projection if it goes all the way to 7.5m will be 44cm higher than the 7.06m peak of October 1.

So we had a peak in August, we basically had one in September (last gain was late September 30) and now we’ll have another one in October and each one seems higher than the previous (4.29m, 7.06m and the projected 7.5m).

Readers can keep informed on all the latest projects by checking the warning page at BOM as well as the river height data

Readers can also follow updates at DNS or Deniliquin History in Photos who have been brilliant in their reporting of the water levels and also have taken fantastic photos and videos for people to see and keep a historical record of.

EDIT 5:47pm: – 14 gates now opened at Hume Dam.


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