Deni’s unhappy with Telstra

Australia is getting angry with Telstra for Telstra has been having trouble maintaining it’s network throughout the country in recent times.

Deniliquin’s gripe with Telstra is that the mobile service around town is not up to scratch with drop outs and other failures reported on a very regular basis and people around town are losing patience and confidence with Telstra.

Mobile coverage is very important for country areas for quick and easy communication is needed especially for those on the road for business matters or in the fields tending to crops and livestock etc.

Mobile coverage is also important because it can be the difference between life and death in the event of an accident or sudden illness, People are so spread out that there is the chance that there is no help nearby and help must be summoned by mobile phone.

If you or somebody you know are having trouble with their mobile service, please let Telstra know by emailing them a polite and informative email at



1 thought on “Deni’s unhappy with Telstra

  1. It’s not just mobile issues. Home internet has gone to crap as well. I have adsl and it has not been working properly for days – and this is happening regularly


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