Deni’s gamers aim to catch them all

Pokémon GO fever has swept through Deniliquin with dozens of players roaming the streets day and night in search of the 250 Pokémon and 9 eggs that need to be caught or found.

The hot tip is that Waring Gardens is the place to go for Pokémon are just waiting to be captured there and many local players are already boasting of having a mass of Pokémon in their collection.

The Waring Gardens is also the place for Pokestops where players can get Pokeballs and other items in order to keep on gaming.

Media around the world are urging players to be cautious in their Pokémon hunt as players have been injured in mishaps and some players have been robbed in some areas though Deniliquin has no known reports of either situation at this time.

Players are also urged to not trespass onto private property as players around the world have been found to be in places they were not given permission to be at.

DNS wishes all players the best of success and readers are welcome to comment here or the FB their tips on where to find Pokémon.



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