Headlights urged for overcast conditions

Residents are urging each other to please drive with headlights on during the day especially in overcast or worse weather conditions.

Having headlights on improves visibility of cars coming the other way and increases safety as it is considered that certain car colours and pedestrians/cyclists etc cannot be seen properly in gloomy conditions.

An article on practicalmotoring.com.au from 2014 describes NSW laws on when headlights have to be used, when fog lights can be used, the definition of reduced visibility that forces headlights to be used between Dawn and Dusk and when High Beam lights can be used.

News.com.au also released an article in 2015 giving 15 road safety tips which may surprise some readers for example it is not illegal to drive barefoot but one of the tips does advise headlights on both day and night.

DNS wishes safe travels for all through all kinds of weather and conditions.

Picture from RACQ.com.au



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