Patrick’s PC Pick-me-ups Boots Up

Patrick’s PC Pick-me ups is now in operation for Deniliquin’s residents and that is good news for those who need advice and/or more on computers.

Patrick’s offers free quotes and an no fix, no fee guarantee on all but the Virus Scan service making it a good place for people to enquire about their computing questions and repair advice/service.

There are four main kinds of PC services that Patrick’s offers, Elderly Tutoring, New Build, Diagnosis and Virus Scan.

Elderly Tutoring is for those elderly who want to learn how to use the computer and do all the things needed to stay in touch with people online, the cost for the service is $30 per hour.

New Build is suggesting items that are needed for a PC build so you the buyer get the right parts for what you need instead of getting an over or under powered PC and when you get the parts Patrick can install them for you, this service costs $80.

Diagnosis is when your computer is having troubles and you don’t know what can be the cause of it, Patrick will get to work on finding the problem in the space of 30 minutes to an hour at a cost of $50.

Virus Scan is when Patrick gives the computer a Virus and Malware Scan to ensure that your computer does not have Viruses, Malware or Bloatware, a Virus Scan costs $50.

Patrick can do a whole lot more PC services but the services do not extend to corporate and so if you want to find out more about the business and what it offers, head on over to the Facebook page, like the page and drop a line if you have any enquiries.



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