Seven to battle for Farrer

At around 9am tomorrow, Candidates for the Federal seat of Farrer will be stating their cases to be elected to Canberra live on ABC Riverina.

ABC Riverina will be broadcasting tomorrow from the Peppin Heritage Centre giving residents a chance to hear the candidates views on local issues and what they promise to do upon being elected.

This election has a seven person field for the seat that has been held by the Liberals or the Nationals for decades and it is considered one of the safest seats in the nation which is good news for current member Sussan Ley though nothing is a sure thing in politics.

Below is the list of candidates and links to either personal pages or political party pages for those who want to see what each party and/or their candidate has to offer if the voter chooses to vote for somebody instead of casting a donkey vote.

Ron Pike (Liberty Alliance)
Amanda Cohn (Greens)
Paul Rossetto (Christian Democratic Party)
Brian Mills (Independent)
Sussan Ley (Liberal)
Christian Kunde (Labor)*
Trevor O’Brien (Mature Australia)

*Christian Kunde quit as the ALP candidate today after reportedly defending a senior member of extremist Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir.

Currently there is the feeling around the country that the Liberals/Nationals and the ALP have let down the nation in recent years and so this election could be the election where the Greens, Independents, CDP, MA and ALA have the opportunity at least in Farrer to have a say in Canberra.

Tomorrow can be an important day in deciding who to vote for as the political hopefuls can either rise or falter in front of the flash of the camera and the metal/plastic of the microphone.

So if you are politically interested or just want to see a live radio broadcast as it unfolds, head on down to the Peppin Heritage Centre from 6:30am and see what happens throughout the morning.



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