Rovers Talk (18/6/16)

Round 11 of the Football and Netball competitions got underway today with the Rovers taking on Blighty at Memorial Park.


A Grade came into todays game aiming to avoid a repeat of the Round 2 loss against Blighty and today they won by a big margin, This result gives the Rovers four wins and a draw from the last five matches showing that the side is in great form at this present time.

B Grade have continued on their winning streak after recording a 45 to 38 win over their Blighty opponents today.

C Grade has won two matches in a row after defeating their Blighty opponents 49 to 30, this win improves the sides record to 8 wins and 2 losses.

C Reserve‘s six game winning streak came to an end today against a strong Blighty opponent, Blighty won todays game 35 to 23.

The Junior sides played very well against their Blighty opponents and below is the results of their games.

The Under 17’s have won their game against their Blighty opponents in convincing fashion with the scores at full time reading Rovers 83 to Blighty 7.

The Under 15’s have won three in a row for the first time this season after defeating their Blighty opponents 19 to 15.

The Under 13’s have continued with their winning streak by defeating their Blighty opponents 37 to 16.


Rovers Football sides were in action against their Blighty opponents with success finding most of the Rovers teams.

The Seniors fell to Blighty today ending their six match winning streak, The Rovers lead by four points at Quarter Time before Blighty took the lead in the second quarter to lead at Half Time by four before extending their lead to 19 and 24 at Three Quarter Time and Full Time.

Finals scores read Blighty 9.11 – 65 to Rovers 6.5 – 41.

T. Lumbar kicked four for the Rovers whilst A. Bond and J. Gilligan kicked a goal in the loss

The Reserves had to work hard to defeat Blighty in their match after Blighty lead by 18 at Quarter Time, 10 at Half Time and two at Three Quarter Time.

The Reserves won by keeping Blighty scoreless after Half Time whilst adding 4.3 themselves to win 6.6 – 42 to 4.1 – 25.

D. Kirby kicked 3 goals, B. Ezard kicked 2 and L. Fleming kicked one goal in the win.

The Thirds have continued on with their undefeated start to the season by defeating their Blighty opponents by 81 points.

The Thirds raced to a 47 point lead at Quarter Time and the result was never in doubt from there as they extended their lead in every quarter of the game with the last quarter the closest with the Rovers winning that one 2.4 to 2.1.

R. Norris kicked 5, R. Murray kicked 4 goals, B. Sartore kicked 3 goals whilst R. Gazzara, D. Kirby, J. Caniglia and J. Allitt all kicked one goal apiece in the win.

The Fourths have made it three wins in a row by keeping their Blighty opponents scoreless in the match to record a 5.6 – 36 to 0.0 – o win.

The winning streak of three is the second time the side has achieved a hat trick of wins this season.

B. Thomson, R. Murphy, T. McDonnell, J. Liu and B. East all kicked one goal apiece for the Rovers in the win.


Good results overall for the Rovers with the majority of its Football and Netball sides winning today.

Blighty are always known for having competitive sides and today was no exception with Blighty making the Rovers work hard for their wins and taking valuable lessons from their losses.

Next week will see the Rovers taking on Picola United and it will be another challenging round of matches for both sides.


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