Poker coming to the RSL Club

Poker starts from 7:30pm tomorrow at the RSL Club and there is no doubt that several people will be interested in that fact as Poker can draw in a crowd anywhere that it is played at.

The game of Poker started becoming really popular around the world in the 1970’s and it’s popularity grew so quickly that by the 1990’s it was popular enough that a game of Poker was part of the final character scene of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Poker then became more successful after games made their way on to Television in the late 90’s and was further enhanced by the introduction of Online Poker in the same period of time and it’s popularity continued to grow from there.

For those who want to quickly learn the game to understand what they are seeing or playing at the RSL Club, DNS has found this website that explains the basics of Poker and the page is detailed enough to give the reader a starting point.

DNS wishes all players the very best and may they have a great night.


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