Will the Rain tumble down?

The month of May has already been a post 1998 record for rainfall in Deniliquin and with rain expected to fall between today and Saturday, there is a chance the average yearly rainfall up to this time of year will be matched or bettered.

10 to 20mm is expected to fall today, less an 1mm tomorrow, 5 to 10mm on Friday and less than one on Saturday according to Weatherzone though it appears their rainfall measuring is not midnight to midnight so these amounts are likely to overlap into other days.

Google is showing showers and then rain from about 3pm today and it will carry through to 10am when it becomes light and then showers until 3pm-4pm before clearing, Rain will then return around 5pm on Friday with the rain and showers expected to end around 11am on Saturday.

Temperatures will be the following

Today – 17 with minimum of 9
Thursday – 14 with minimum of 4
Friday – 16 with minimum of 7
Saturday – 14 with minimum of 4

DNS will continue to report on the weather as further information comes to hand.


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