14mm more for Deniliquin

Deniliquin’s month of May has been spectacular rainfall wise with a total of 77mm having fallen in town since the start of the month.

14mm of the 77mm fell between 9am Wednesday and 9am Thursday and rain is expected to fall again between 11am and 2pm today before clearing up all the way until 5pm Friday with rain starting again in one form or another until early Saturday morning.

Rainfall totals for May could end up somewhere in the 80’s and that is nothing short of a good thing for the town,  the average rainfall till May is 132.3mm and we got 139.8mm so it will be interesting to see if ground is made on the average to June or even passing the June total.

The good news for the year so far is that Deniliquin has now received 21.8mm more than this time last year so that must give farmers great joy and potentially even more joy now the word from the Bureau of Meteorology is that El Nino is over.

DNS will continue to update readers on the rainfall totals as it comes in.


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