Deni’s Diner opening 23/5/16

Green Pepper Pizza Cafe was closed today (22/5/16) as the business prepares for the opening of Deni’s Diner.

Deni’s Diner will be operating at Green Pepper between 10am and 4pm daily which will greatly benefit those looking for various sorts of meals at the part of town.

Deni’s Diner will be offering customers a large variety of foods from their take away and dine in menus.

Whilst Deni’s Diner is in operation, Green Pepper Pizza Cafe will also be available for locals between 12 noon – 2pm daily before starting back up at 5pm until closing.

There will be a delivery service for all food types between noon and 2pm daily & starting up again for night trading from 5pm so if you are at work and the you want to treat yourself and fellow workers to a Pizza now you can.

To order from Deni’s Diner or Green Pepper Pizza call 58814177 or visit them in Deniliquin Plaza.


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