Goodbye DC, Hello ERC

Deniliquin Council was killed off by NSW Premier Mike Baird yesterday putting an end to one era and starting a new but uncertain one.

Deniliquin Council was the only Council to exist with the purpose of serving only one town and that meant that Deniliquin had something truly unique even if rate payers and residents were not satisfied with the level of care in the last few months of the Council’s life.

We should acknowledge that those who were under Conargo Shire’s jurisdiction have also lost those who served them as the terms for those elected to Deniliquin Council and Conargo Shire were dumped effective yesterday.

With the merger, visitors to Deniliquin will no longer be puzzled after seeing Conargo Shire offices on one street and Deniliquin Council offices on another.

Edward River Council is the new name of the merged Council and Shire and the merger is designed to make things easier as well as having benefits in terms of bigger amounts of money and faster built and maintained infrastructure though many have doubt this will truly be the case. have written an article on what the merger means for residents of all merged areas and DNS encourages readers to check it out by clicking here.

We hope for the sakes of Deniliquin and surrounding areas that this merger does everything it’s supposed to do even though we all know that throughout Australian history, Mergers have never been a popular thing across Australia.


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