Rovers Talk (14/5/16)

Bye, The word bye can be a terrible word because usually it means somebody is going away for a bit or even longer but in the Rovers case bye means it’s their week off because the competition has an odd number of teams.

We can think of ten things that Rovers players and officials could be doing today as they await the continuance of their season after next week because of the general bye is next week so the feet are up again.

1. Family Time
2. Housework
3. Netflix
4. Football or Netball on TV
5. Mowing the lawn
6. Working
7. Partying
8. Doing nothing
9. Bus Trip
10. Homework

All ten events are pretty important though some may say otherwise to some of them, the first one is most likely of the highest importance, two has to be done, three is excellent especially when you’re watching seasons in bulk, four is not unusual, five also has to be done, six is unlucky, seven is considered good but be careful, eight is preferable to some, ninth is something that looks fun and tenth is another thing that has to be done.

There would of been some Rovers action today which the Rovers Bus Trip, unfortunately there was not enough interest for the bus to go down south and drop off the passengers for them to enjoy all the great venues down there before returning safely tonight and so the event has been postponed.

The Rovers Facebook Page now has 1,341 likes which is an increase of likes compared to our previous report and there is a lot of great information pieces on the page from reunion plans to the availability of nice looking Rovers Jackets and the dates of the remaining functions of the season.

We wish everyone a pleasant rest of their Saturday and we look forward to coming up with something for you to read next Thursday.

Go Rovers!


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